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Specialists in developing sales and marketing strategies to help Life Coaches MAKE MORE MONEY… CONSISTENTLY!

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Hi, I'm Bruce Parker
​Sales & Marketing Cash Flow Specialist™
Director and Founder of World Life Media Ltd.

​Let me ask you...

Are you ​stuck or struggling with:

  • ​Stagnating sales
  • ​Working 60 ​to 80+ hours every week gaining little to no traction in ​your business
  • ​An ever fluctuating cycle of paying customers
  • Business scaling seeming to move further away as you go
  • Marketing efforts not producing results
  • Losing sleep worrying about income, while answers seem out of reach
  • And so on…

​If any of these issues resonates with you, then you’​ve come to the right place.

​Ready To Start Your Marketing Evolution?

Let’s face it, it’s an incredibly hyper-competitive business environment. If you’re not doing everything in your power to stay competitive, you’ll soon wake up to discover that you’re out of business, or at minimum struggling to keep up.

Let me continue by saying that there is no single solution for attaining increased sales, creating consistent cash flow or generating repeat business.

Achieving these goals takes implementing a complete sales and marketing strategy that takes advantage of a list of processes, applications and softwares, strategies and solutions, all working together as one unified system.

Each element of the strategy is a system within itself, designed to function as part of the whole.

A semi-self sustaining sales and marketing system - A sales and marketing ecosystem, if you will.

I approach every sales and marketing strategy as a virtual living ecosystem, an ecosystem made up of different elements, each dependent on each other for the sustainability and scalability of the whole. Each element of the system must function and perform at it’s most optimum level for the whole of the system to thrive.

Without each element in place and functioning efficiently, the entire sales and marketing ecosystem goes out of balance and the whole process falls short.

When structured and implemented correctly, all of the individual moving parts became a cohesive sales and marketing ecosystem designed to work harmoniously in a flow of engagement and communication with our subscribers and customers.

The result of implementing this basic strategy is that we end up with a perpetual flow of new and repeat business, a perpetual flow of income.

I develop complete digital sales and marketing strategies based on dynamic marketing ecosystem methodology.


  • ​Having a ​steady ​stream of clients flowing into your business
  • ​Having a consistent flow of cash you can depend on
  • Generating the sales you need to never have to worry about money again

​Discover A ​Strategy ​That Allows You To:

Attract Fresh New Clients On a Regular Basis

​​The source of all marketing efforts. Nothing happens without traffic. More to the point, great things happen with targeted, pre-qualified traffic. Get your marketing messages in front of those looking for what you do.

Increase Your Subscriber and Customer Base

​You value your customers. By remaining in continuous contact with them and potential customers, you're able to create personalized and engaging experiences for them, ​ thus the greater the value your business is able to provide.

​Increase Customer Spend Per Transaction

​Intuitively, lead your customers to embrace your Add-on and upsell offers using conversion optimized strategies and techniques.

Increase The Lifetime Value of Each Customer

​​Build relationships by building trust. Through this ​you increase customer loyalty and retention resulting in regenerative sales and profits.

​Produce More ​Sales and Repeat ​Business

​leveraging your list of subscribers/customers, ​you expand ​ distribution channels, organically drive traffic to your offers, reaching more customers, and increasing sales and profits.

​​Generate Consistent Cash Flow on Demand

​Sleep well with security and peace of mind that your business brings in new clients regularly, and rewards you with a positive income stream on a consistent basis.

​Provider of Evolutionary Sales & Marketing Services

​​Website ​Development

We work directly with you to create a website powered by WordPress that best represents your business, products, and services. Maintenance, security, and updates are all included.

​Facebook/PPC Advertising

​Harness the Power of Digital Advertising with Pinpoint Precision by taking advantage of Facebook and Instagram's extremely diverse user-base to find the exact demographic you're looking for.

​Sales Funnel Development

​Complete Marketing Strategy ​to attract ​ new clients on a regular basis - generate more ​sales - generate consistent cash flow  - increase customer spend ​- increase customer lifetime value.

​Email & CRM Marketing

​Utilizing the most trusted and engaged medium in digital advertising—targeted email marketing will drive traffic, develop new customer relationships, and serve as the cornerstone of a multi-channel digital advertising campaign.

​​Shopping Cart/Checkout

​Sell More, Increase Revenue and Automate Your Online Business. ​Reach a worldwide marketplace. Conversion Boosters: ​ One-click upsells - One-click order bumps - Coupon & promotion​ codes - Pending order notifications

​​​Tracking & Analytics

​Implementation of tracking, ​remarketing and analytical data matrix to ensure your campaign, and thus your business, is operating at its highest level of performance. Plus complete customer demographics.

Are You Ready To...

Scale your business by working smarter, not harder​?
Take your sales and marketing efforts to the level your business deserves​?
Transform your business into the financial powerhouse you envision it to be​?

Sales and Marketing Cash Flow Specialist™

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